What is GelSmart?

So what do you do when you feel foot pain?

Many of us ignore it when we shouldn’t because it leads to greater and more painful issues.

Today’s foot care professionals include pedologists who are highly trained in foot care, and pedicure specialists focusing on foot and nail care. These professionals’ should be an important part of your foot health-care team. They are integral in keeping us moving and managing a productive life.

Your foot care professionals may recommend a GelSmart product during an office visit to help you alleviate your foot discomfort.

foot pain

Why does it work?

We push the edge of product applications with a visionary design approach-
we call this SmartGel Technology.

We apply this approach to every product in our GelSmart line, from concept to completion.
A product engineered with SmartGel Technology at its foundation will be an industry leader.

GelSmart products are designed, engineered & tested to meet our exacting standards of excellence and we are proud that our products are certified by leading professional organizations. We assure the consumer that all GelSmart Products will continue to advance the very best in effective product design and engineering.

We offer GelSmart Products in four original Formulations

Each original medical-grade gel formulation has been specially designed for applications
in the footcare, orthopedic, orthotic, skincare & wound care industries.
Formulated in the USA.

Our premier gel for
superior hydration

Our premier gel for
extreme stretch

Our premier gel for
comfort cushion

Our premier gel for
shock absorption 

GelSmart products are found worldwide – exclusively through healthcare professionals

On your next visit ask your healthcare professional about GelSmart

If you are a buyer, distributor, or wholesaler.

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