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A brand new line of customizable
footcare products

Foot health professionals now have a full suite of options in foot care solutions for their patients, from moldable compounds to OTC all gel pre-molded products, to now, Smart Fix the newest solution in customizable all gel footcare products.


No matter what the issue,
there’s a SmartFix for it.

GelSmart Customizables

The Approach to a Custom Fit

Customizable Bunion Toe Spreader

Option A: Soft Fit

Use no insert for the most gentle fit & a thinner profile in footwear
Customizable Bunion Toe Spreader

Option B: Medium Fit

Use the medium insert for a softer separation
between toes
Customizable Bunion Toe Spreader

Option C: Firm Fit

Use the firm insert for a stronger separation between toes

Featured NEW Products

Bunion Toe Spreader

Customizable Bunion
Toe Spreader

Our traditional bunion toe spreader is now also offered in a customizable design.  This spreader offers the same cushion and friction protection as our original design but with the added benefit of customizing the fit with either a medium or firm insert. Our ultra-flexible looped design holds the spreader in place for complete comfort.

Your healthcare professional may select the right fit for you.

Bunion Toe Spreader

Customizable Toe Relief
w/ Toe Loop

Our versatile Toe Relief with Toe Loop helps to absorb shock and friction and is now offered in a customizable design. A medium or firm insert allows a single toe to be lifted to relieve pressure or to be turned it on the flat side to function as a separator.

Healthcare professionals may choose which insert & condition option works best for you. 

Toe Relief with Toe Loop
Advanced Toe Spreader

Customizable Advanced
Toe Spreader

Our Advanced Toe Spreader is now offered in a customizable design with a medium or firm insert. The spreader provides effective cushion relief from friction and pressure on the MP joint and the ultra-flexible looped design holds device where it is needed the most.

Your healthcare professionals may now select the most effective product insert for ultimate relief.

Customizable Advanced Toe Spreader

Customizable Double
Toe Loop Corrector

Toe Loop Corrector helps realign toes just like the standard design but now with a choice of fit. Select either the medium or firm insert to prevent irritation and friction of overlapping toes. Inserts can also be graduated in use to provide gentle pressure relief.

Consult your healthcare professional for selecting the correct option for you.

Double Toe Loop Corrector
Toe Crest

Customizable Toe Crest

Our Customizable Toe Crest is designed for left & right foot and has an adjustable strap to help with an even better fit. Better fit equals effective use.

Your healthcare professional will select the best option for an optimal outcome.

Toe Crest
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